Industrial Security

Industries face a growing menace due to lack of Industrial Security giving rise to theft, espionage, intrusion, sabotage, robbery, accidental damage, fire hazards and violent IR problems. Technology has made the menace even more dangerous and this has not escaped our attention.

To provide for a well-veiled security net, SDSS has adopted a combination of human intelligence cum skills & systems integration, and presents a perfect industrial safety recipe.

Usage of mere technique gadgets does not end this menace. These have to be operated by smart trained personnel well supplemented by access control, vehicle control, inspection, screening of visitors,vendors, patrolling, site management, maintenance etc. To fine tune the work better, trained Fire and Dog squads are also available. Our expertise & safety protection ratio has been admirable and we feel proud to offer protection armour to Cement Industries, Power Plants, Engineering Industries, Steel Plants, Chemical Plants, Mines, Textile Mills, Sugar Industries, Paper Mills, etc.

We conduct a professional & quality training programs for the Security Personnel in all spheres of security, its nuances & corelated segments, which also includes ‘On the Job’ Training.

In addition to providing trained Security Personnel, we also provide the following value added services:

  • Dog squads
  • State-of-the-art communication devices
  • A Security audit every quarter, Intelligence gathering & reporting to top management
  • On the foot and on high alert 24/7
  • Regular visits by supervising staff & higher managerial staff
  • Surprise night checks
  • Regular reporting on daily basis
  • The statutory requirements of the staff will be complied by the Agency with excellent credibility