Retail Security

Retail security requires a watchful yet discrete eye on both the Visitors/Customers and the employees who could be potential shop-lifters.

Our personnel are specially trained to understand the specific requirements of the retail outlets and the buyers psychology to anticipate and pro-actively address any trouble makers effectively.

Our men are well-trained in fire fighting and have the knowledge of first aid that allows them to react quickly and deftly in case of any unforeseen crisis. The result is a long–standing association with a whole list of residential colonies.

Corporate security officers working in the retail industry are employed by large and small stores and shopping malls, mainly to deter theft and vandalism. They may monitor security cameras, patrol parking lots, apprehend shoplifting suspects or assist undercover store detectives with loss prevention.

  • Conduct body & baggage search
  • Check up of automobiles
  • Oversee danger signals at vulnerable points
  • Use of refined gadgets
  • Polite talk assimilation